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5 benefits of using Knowledge Hub for your Working / Steering group in the Public Sector


With the need for more flexible working/steering groups being established to support public sector improvement across a range of different organisations, these groups can face the challenge of staying connected and collaborating effectively. The way we work and interact with colleagues now presents us with opportunities to connect more often and effortlessly, especially when they are located in different locations. 

In this blog post, we will explore five benefits of using a Knowledge Hub group for your working/steering group.


Enhanced Collaboration

A Knowledge Hub group allows colleagues from different organisations and sectors to collaborate easily, regardless of their location and IT access. They can share documents and ideas, ask questions, share issues and feedback in real-time. This enhances the flow of information to those who need it and increases the speed of effective decision-making.


Knowledge Sharing

With Knowledge Hub’s extensive range of collaboration tools, members of a group can quickly and easily share knowledge, best practice resources while supporting them to work together seamlessly. This promotes learning and development, growth of knowledge, and innovative thinking across different organisations.


Effective Communication

One of the primary benefits of using Knowledge Hub for a working/steering group is effective communication. The group provides an online space for team members to communicate easily and quickly whenever they need to, no matter where they are in the world. This can significantly reduce the need for costly face-to-face meetings, and ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding project progress and updates.


Improved Project Management

A Knowledge Hub group can help manage projects more effectively by allowing all members of the working/steering group to have access to and view key milestones and deadlines. All members of the team can directly update the progress, ensuring that everyone is aware of what is expected of them and helps to keep the work on track. With the tools available, members can share key documentation, identify and discuss issues, collaborate in real-time on documents, and ask questions. 


Improved Teamwork

If facilitated and managed effectively, a Knowledge Hub can be used to foster a sense of teamwork, trust and cohesion among members internally and from different organisations. With the appropriate levels and styles of communication, this can rapidly enhance motivation, engagement and job satisfaction as well as allowing members to work to their own schedule. Ultimately, making it easier to balance work and personal commitments, and improving work-life balance and reducing stress.


Key Takeaways:

  • Knowledge Hub provides an online space for effective communication and collaboration among working /steering group members.
  • Make use of Knowledge Hub’s range of collaboration tools for easy knowledge sharing and improved accountability.
  • Save time, money and effort and take advantage of creating your own ‘open’ or ‘restricted’ group that you can facilitate and manage (free of charge for public sector organisations). 


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