About Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub boasts a proud heritage within public sector digital collaboration. Originated and developed for local government by local government, the Knowledge Hub and its predecessor Communities of Practice have been enabling public service practitioners to share knowledge online since 2006.

Since January 2016, Knowledge Hub has been an independent small company maintaining the original ethos of a free to use platform for public service professionals to share knowledge, experiences and learning, while also developing a commercial model that seeks to share income generated through private sector advertising with subscribing organisations.

Why choose Knowledge Hub?

Knowledge Hub is the place where you can connect, collaborate and communicate with members just like you across public service. Knowledge Hub provides its digital collaboration tools to a broad audience of over 500 public sector organisations within the UK and internationally. It is used extensively in central and local government, health, education, housing, police and fire services.

The growing Knowledge Hub community consists of over 150,000 public service professionals and their partners who use Knowledge Hub to exchange ideas and solutions and share good practice and innovation. Members need no longer reinvent the wheel, but can gain efficient, effective and reliable advice from their peers in a secure environment.

Knowledge Hub is hosted within private cloud facilities in our UK-based data centre, in the London area. Find out more about security on Knowledge Hub

What can Knowledge Hub help you with?

Discover knowledge to help you do your job.

  • Keep up to date with current thinking.
  • Enhance your skills and expertise.
  • Compare and share information and data.

Connect with people like you and experts to network with.

  • Develop and retain specialist knowledge.
  • Share what works with others.
  • Network and collaborate with peers.

Save time and money.

  • Have global conversations from your desk.
  • Save hours of research time by learning from others.
  • Pool resources.

Generate and incubate ideas to drive improvement.

  • Inspire innovation.
  • Create new ways of working.
  • Learn from leaders in your field.

Raise your profile and that of your organisation.

  • Get in touch with new and existing customers.
  • Build relationships.
  • Develop customer insight.

What services does Knowledge Hub provide?

Knowledge Hub’s technology is an enabler for public service organisations everywhere to share information and learn from each other within online groups. Knowledge Hub groups are flexible spaces that can be used for a variety of purposes, from large communities of practice, to small time-limited project groups, working groups, training programmes or recruitment campaigns. A Knowledge Hub group may be open, restricted or private.

Knowledge Hub digital networks also provide organisations with the opportunity to buy their own branded ‘slice’ of Knowledge Hub for use as an externally branded open network of groups (extranet), a private social intranet, or a mixture of the two. This allows you to seamlessly engage with employees, partners, suppliers and citizens all in one place without the need for multiple logins.

Check out our product and services page for full details of groups and networks.

Read the full terms and conditions for using Knowledge Hub.

Read the Knowledge Hub privacy statement.

Who are the team behind Knowledge Hub?

Jason Fahy, Chief Exec  Jason Fahy - Chief Executive

I am responsible for developing Knowledge Hub as 'the' place to go to for public service and non-profit organisations.  Encouraging members to help each other through the simple exchange of skills and expertise.

Our vision is to connect the global public sector and to generate income for subscribing organisations by tapping into the digital advertising market.

My journey to Knowledge Hub came via the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea Council, Capita and Liberata. I am also Chief Executive of PFIKS and a member of the Catapult Advisory Network, for Digital Catapult.

Please connect and let me know your views on how Knowledge Hub might support you and our sector.  You can also follow us on twitter @jasontfahy or @knowledgehub and @PFIKS.

Liz Copeland, Head of Customer Engagement  Liz Copeland - Head of Customer Insight & Engagement

My role at Knowledge Hub is varied, from facilitating individual communities of practice and driving member engagement, to managing the wider platform, business development, communications, getting member feedback and working closely with clients to help them build their digital networks.

I’m all about helping you - our members and customers - get what you need, so I’m always interested to hear your feedback about Knowledge Hub.

I’ve worked with Knowledge Hub since it went live in 2012 at the LGA and previous to that worked at the IDeA in workforce development and talent management, where I was also very involved in communities of practice.

Connect with me here on Knowledge Hub, on Twitter @LizCop and on LinkedIn.

Dimple Rathod, Community Manager  Dimple Rathod - Digital Community & Knowledge Manager

I have been working with Knowledge Hub since its creation in 2012, and prior to this I worked at the IDeA and LGA and was involved in communities of practice and e-government.

I enjoy working with our members and group facilitators to help them get the most of out of Knowledge Hub and use it in a way that best supports them and their needs. This includes providing guidance on group facilitation, responding to helpdesk queries, connecting members, promoting Knowledge Hub and group activity, and gathering user stories.

Connect with me: Knowledge Hub / @dimplerathod / LinkedIn

Michael Norton, Community Manager  Michael Norton - Digital Community & Knowledge Manager

Michael joined Knowledge Hub before Knowledge Hub was even thought about and has been supporting people in building online communities ever since.

Michael is an experienced knowledge professional who has been involved with Communities of Practice for many years and is well regarded in this field.

His particular focus is on community’ management incorporating Knowledge Management, Web 2.0 technologies and Social Media and he is heavily involved in supporting professional networking across local government and the public sector.

Connect with Michael here on Knowledge Hub, Twitter or Linkedin .