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Advancing Practice in Knowledge and Organisation Learning

At this month’s Henley Forum 20th Anniversary Conference, Knowledge Hub received the Highly Commended Award for Advancing Practice in Knowledge and Organisation Learning.

You can check out the highlights from Day 1 and Day 2 on Twitter

We would like to thank all the members of Knowledge Hub - this award is for you too! It is also through your effort, collaborative working and support that we have been recognised for the award.

Here’s part of the submission that helped us achieve this prestigious award:

Dwindling public sector budgets and diminished finances and time have left little room for face-to-face meetings, professional development and training. This created the need for an easily accessible, collaborative space where public, private and non-profit sector partners could come to work together and share knowledge and expertise.

The Knowledge Hub provides a digital collaborative space that supports the public sector in addressing these challenges. Using a range of digital tools, it enables members to connect, communicate and collaborate through its expert community and knowledge management support and training.

The platform has not only been used extensively by various public sector outfits to improve real-life outcomes, it has also helped members develop their digital skills and learn new community management and facilitation skills. Its impact has been felt in various ways including cost savings, improved productivity, knowledge retention and cross-sector partnerships.

Building from well-established community of practice principles, the Knowledge Hub is an excellent example of combining technology with people-oriented approaches.

Even more commendable is the submission of evidence that demonstrates its benefits and impact.

“It has been transformative as a communications tool, able to work with various platforms, offering easy access and readily available information. It is the principal communications, knowledge sharing and networking tool for the Government Commercial Function, spread over 150 UK locations.” – Ian Mackie, Head of Commercial Community Engagement, Government Commercial Function, Cabinet Office


This is exemplary work, practising KM and making it work for / across various organisations. It comes across as a potential global community of users with a unified knowledge base. Building from well-established community of practice principles, this is an excellent example of combining technology and people-oriented approaches.” – Henley Forum 2020 Awards judging panel

We’re grateful to the Henley Forum judging panel for their recognition of our work.

Huge thanks also to Ian Mackie for his kind endorsement.

We’d also like to congratulate colleagues in the Healthcare Project Delivery Community for their success winning the Henley Forum Award for Advancing Practice in Organisational Change and Development.