Connecting people to respond to COVID-19

Knowledge Hub brings together colleagues and like-minded professionals and provides cross-collaboration opportunities both internally and externally, and across programmes, organisations, professions, and sectors. It is about connecting people to grow and learn together, while saving time, effort and money.

With budget cuts and reduced funding, digital collaboration plays an important role and enables Knowledge Hub members to stay connected, reach a wider audience and support their work. The recent pandemic has increased the need for members to stay connected and tap into a wider audience (in addition to the usual go-to colleagues,) while continuing to carry out their job role.

Many groups on Knowledge Hub are working hard to respond to COVID-19. From dedicated healthcare professionals, care homes staff and social workers who are sharing resources and guidance quickly and easily, to local planners, enforcement officers and information managers providing fast responses to issues being discussed for others to learn from. In some cases the groups have been the first port of call during the immediate crisis and are now providing a useful shared space for colleagues to keep connected and build on knowledge together.

“The platform has been a really useful way for local authority public health teams to share learning, offer peer support and reduce duplication of efforts across London.”


Some groups have been set up specifically to respond to coronavirus, others that are regularly active and have incorporated content and discussions to respond to COVID-19, as well as those that have been dormant and have since re-engaged their members. The urgency for finding ways to keep in touch with each other has never been more critical – particularly for those who are working to maintain and deliver services to our communities.

We have put together a list of groups that are talking about COVID-19 to help signpost you to groups that might be of interest. Visit the 'KHub Connects' group to access the list and join/request to join appropriate groups (sign-in required).

“To cope with all these various COVID-19 issues we set up a new forum heading so all related posts could be found in one place. It now has over 110 separate discussion headings - a goldmine of useful information.”


Knowledge Hub has grown and is trusted by professionals across all sectors, and we are proud to continue supporting colleagues to connect, collaborate and communicate. Thank you to our facilitators and members for your contributions and participation in your groups.

We would like to highlight several groups that have been responding to COVID-19 and to raise awareness of the good work they are doing to support them, their work, and their group’s members.

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To find relevant groups to join, register/sign in to Knowledge Hub and select 'groups' at the top of the page.












Download a text-only version.