Digital Networks

Why Digital Networks?

  • Trusted, secure (https), UK-hosted collaboration space within Knowledge Hub.
  • Flexible access controls and management allowing intranet and extranet.
  • Your branding across all network pages and groups.
  • Create your own groups.
  • ​​​Content manage your own network information page and curate news.
  • Collaboration tools: blogs, discussions, library, real-time document collaboration, polls.
  • Monitoring reports and analytics to support engagement.
  • Search, recommendations, content tagging, categorisation and indexing.
  • Social log in supporting integration with other systems.
  • Mobile responsive, unlimited data storage, affordable subscription; no maintenance fees.

Knowledge Hub Digital Networks

Simple, easy-to-use digital collaboration helping you effectively communicate, collaborate and connect with stakeholders, partners and employees.

Manage your own branded channel, members and communities hosted on the Knowledge Hub platform, meaning no infrastructure burden.

Build a flexible collaboration space with a mixture of accessible open groups and closed intranet-style workspaces.

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  • Improved efficiency: less email traffic, pooling knowledge and resources.
  • Increased productivity, time and money saved, less duplication.
  • Silos broken down through internal and external knowledge sharing.
  • Raised brand profile within your network and beyond.
  • Improved two-way communication and engagement with employees and partners.
  • Opportunities to develop skills: knowledge management, facilitation, digital collaboration.
  • Quick set-up time: established within a few days.
  • Expert technical, online community and knowledge management support.
  • Community-led development path and platform-wide upgrades.
  • Opportunities to generate revenue through income share model.


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