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Health and wellbeing boards bulletin - October 2012

Welcome to the latest edition of the Health and wellbeing boards bulletin, produced by The King's Fund. This monthly bulletin brings together policy, guidance, news, opinion and events related to health and wellbeing boards. If you have any feedback or questions, please contact us on HWB@kingsfund.org.uk

Featured event

Health and wellbeing boards: positive partnership working
13th November 2012, Central London
This session will explore the leadership opportunities offered by health and wellbeing boards and look at how they will work with clinical commissioning groups and other stakeholder organisations, especially providers. Richard Humphries will give a short policy update, followed by Dick Sorabji and John Wilderspin who will discuss the unique challenges facing boards in London.

Guidance, policy and research

Establishing local Healthwatch
This series of briefings aim to assist local authorities and their partners in local communities and the NHS to support the commissioning, setting up and early development of local Healthwatch. They provide a general introduction to what is involved and a brief summary of issues and questions which local authorities and others may wish to consider.

Local Healthwatch, health and wellbeing boards and health scrutiny: roles, relationships and adding value
This guide aims to help local leaders and others to understand the independent, but complementary, roles and responsibilities of council health scrutiny, local Healthwatch and health and wellbeing boards.

Local public health intelligence
This factsheet outlines the health intelligence requirements for local authorities and the actions local areas may wish to take to support their new public health duties from an information and intelligence perspective.

Directors of public health in local government
These guides describe both the statutory and non-statutory elements of the role of director of public health. They outline the Department of Health’s vision for public health in local government, and highlight how the director of public health will lead and champion health improvement across the local authority. They will primarily be of interest to local authority elected members and officers, and local public health teams.

Public health transitional support funds for local authorities
This letter outlines the availability of transitional support funds for local authorities. Financial support is available to each unitary and upper tier local authority, and will contribute towards the costs associated with administrating transition and minimising the diversion of staff and resources from day to day duties and delivery. The allocation of transitional support is to be issued through the local authority and paid by the PCT. PCTs have been notified of the amount and associated process through a separate letter and resource limited adjustment.

Get with the programme? A look at health and wellbeing boards through the lens of telehealth and telecare
This publication assesses the progress of health and wellbeing boards in adopting telecare and telehealth. It also lays out opportunities that these innovations represent to local boards as they develop their role as strategic enablers and system leaders across health, care and wellbeing.

No health without mental health: guides for local services
This series of briefings aim to help develop better local mental health services. Following the publication of the implementation framework for the government’s mental health strategy, these briefings set out the steps that local authorities, CCGs, and those involved with Healthwatch and health and wellbeing boards can take to improve mental health care, treatment and support.

The real cost of alcohol: a map of alcohol harm across England
This map reveals the cost of alcohol abuse to local health services. It provides regional data on hospital admissions, deaths and costs relating to alcohol.

Health profiles - local health
This resource provides access to interactive maps and data at a small area level and at local authority level. It provides quality assured data which allows for compare any selected geographical area against the English average for a selection on indicators.

Incorporating mental health and employment in your joint strategic needs assessment and health and wellbeing strategy
This guidance highlights the importance of health and employment to CCGs, HWBs, directors of adult social service and other partners responsible for promoting public health and delivering personal responses to people at risk of long-term illness and social exclusion. It aims to help local commissioners and planners incorporate mental and employment considerations into their joint needs assessment and health and wellbeing strategy.

Improving the health and wellbeing of people with learning disabilities: an evidence-based commissioning guide for clinical commissioning groups
The guide is intended to help CCGs commission high quality, cost effective general and specialist health services for people with learning disabilities; jointly commission services for people who challenge services and those with complex needs; and work with health and wellbeing boards, local authorities and others to address the social factors which affect the health of people with learning disabilities.

Recovery, public mental health and wellbeing
This paper argues that local councils and the new health and wellbeing boards can support the commissioning of recovery-oriented services, as well as promoting good mental health and wellbeing in communities. It outlines the ways in which health and wellbeing boards can influence commissioning to promote and protect mental wellbeing and support recovery.

Social and emotional wellbeing for children and young people
This guidance aims to help to strengthen home visiting and early education services, and recommends that health professionals are alert to any factors that may pose a risk to a child's social and emotional wellbeing. It recommends that each health and wellbeing board should ensure that the social and emotional wellbeing of vulnerable children features in its health and wellbeing strategy, as one of the most effective ways of addressing health inequalities.

Wider partnerships and health and wellbeing boards
This briefing takes an early look at how councils are dealing with the evolving partnership landscape, particularly in the context of the introduction of health and wellbeing boards as new statutory bodies. It considers how the boards are being positioned within councils’ existing partnership arrangements and how local authorities’ new responsibilities to be delivered through the boards could increasingly influence how collaboration and joint working develops in future.

Please note: this briefing is only available to all members and officers in LGiU member organisations.

Related resources
News and analysis
Local resources

Joint health and wellbeing strategy consultations
Preliminary comments from the public are being invited before the priorities of the following joint health and wellbeing strategies are finalised.

Developing a health and wellbeing board
Birmingham’s Director of Health and Wellbeing outlines some of the work that has been carried out in the area to develop the health and wellbeing board in this video.

Health Needs Assessment (HNA) toolkit
This toolkit is designed to support London commissioners with their health intelligence requirements. It sources, analyses and presents routine data in order that commissioning organisations can more effectively use local knowledge, expertise, and insight.

The Slope Index of Inequality (SII) in life expectancy: interpreting it and comparisons across London
This briefing is intended to aid London’s public health professionals by explaining how to interpret the SII; comparing 2006-2010 SII scores across London; illustrating SII trends across local areas; and demonstrating how to use an SII to drive local area improvement.

Local news

How can health and wellbeing boards implement the cardiovascular disease outcomes strategy?
31st October 2012, 10.15 – 11.00a.m.
Health and wellbeing board members and officers, along with CCG and local authority colleagues, are invited to join a webex discussion on ways of helping implement the cardiovascular disease outcomes strategy.

National learning network for health and wellbeing boards
8th November 2012
This event provides an opportunity to explore with other leaders, experts and colleagues ways of making a difference through health and wellbeing boards. Discussion and challenge sessions, facilitated by a range of experts, will promote reflections on what members of boards wish to achieve. The sessions will focus on the shared leadership action in three significant areas and explore further what this means to achieve the ambition of: achieving service integration; improving health outcomes; and reducing health inequalities.

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