KatalyST End User Agreement

What is KatalyST? Dos and Don'ts

Acceptance - by joining the Dstl KatalyST Network, you ACCEPT the following statements:

KatalyST is Dstl's platform to collaborate with Industry, academia, other government departments and new recruits

  • KatalyST is NOT currently approved for information with protective markings including descriptors such as COMMERCIAL, LOCSEN or PERSONAL.  It is only approved for use at OFFICIAL without SENSITIVE descriptors.
  • Dstl's Information Systems and Services are subject to monitoring. Any content held may be made accessible to the chain of command or investigators without prior recourse.
  • Do adhere to the Acceptable use policy
  • Do respect people's confidence
  • Do respect commercial confidentiality, copyright and other intellectual property rights
  • Don't post any information that might result in the breach of any agreement with a third party (e.g. contract or NDA) or anything that may infringe patent, trade mark, trade secret, copyright, database right or other similar right of any person/organisation
  • Do consider where the information came from, what right you have to share it and with whom.
  • Don't post anything unless you know you have the right to share it.
  • Do respect other people's personal information
  • Only use KatalyST for MOD Business
  • I am authorised to access this service.
  • I will comply with the KatalyST acceptable use policy  and this end user agreement I am aware that the service may be monitored and consent to his.