KatalyST Expected Behaviours

Welcome to KatalyST, a place where Dstl can work with a broad range of people including Industry, Academia and other government departments. It’s a place where we can work out loud, solve problems in communities of practice and support our new recruits and off-site workers.

With so many different types of people working together we want to remind you of a few simple guidelines that will make KatalyST a great place to work for all. These should be read in conjunction with the KatalyST acceptable use policy and KatalyST User Responsibilities.

  • Be sensitive to others. Not everyone's customs and outlook will be the same as our own. What might feel like a perfectly acceptable topic or point of view to you could seem inappropriate to someone else. This includes not only the obvious (personal insults, obscenity) but also proper consideration of privacy and anything that could be provocative or inflammatory.

  • Be professional in your interactions. It can be easy to forget that your activity can be seen by different audiences depending on which groups you contribute to. Some people you will know and others you won't, please keep this in mind and keep your contributions professional and polite. Remember you have professional obligations regarding Intellectual Property (including copyright), security and commercial confidentiality.

Challenge inappropriate behaviours. Don't be afraid to have a voice in KatalyST. If you see an inappropriate blog you can flag the item where you will be given the option to choose the reason why you are flagging it from a drop-down list.  This will be sent to the owner of the content and a copy to the Knowledge Hub System Administrator.

Ask questions to leverage the knowledge of different communities. Help support others by answering their questions where you can.

Encourage others. Acknowledge useful contributions and supportive behaviour when you see it. A friendly pat on the back will encourage people to keep contributing.

  • Join in. This is a place to collaborate and get work done and will only be as useful as the content we all contribute. Participation is key, so don't be afraid to join in conversations and create content in the places you are invited to.

Please be aware these guidelines are subject to change.