KatalyST for new community members

How to join KatalyST groups

If you are reading this, you have successfully set up a Knowledge Hub account and have located the Dstl KatalyST network.

To join groups within KatalyST, one of two things needs to happen:


  • You will have been sent an e mail asking if you would like to join a KatalyST group.


Once you are in a group

Please ensure your actions comply with the End User Agreement and the Acceptable Use Policy.  You should also read:


Please note that the Knowledge Hub Privacy Statement and Cookie Statement apply to you as a member of the KatalyST network.

If you need help then the Knowledge Hub help area contains much useful guidance.  If this does not answer your questions, then contact your group facilitator who should be able to help.

If you see any content which you feel is inappropriate, then it can be reported to the Knowledge Hub and the KatalyST Network administration team using the flag icon.


If you want to leave a Group or the KatalyST network

To leave a group, go to the group homepage and click the 'leave group' link on the left-hand side under the logo.

To leave the KatalyST Network, please contact support@khub.net