KatalyST User Responsibilities

All users should:

  • Comply with KatalyST acceptable use policy and KatalyST - Expected Behaviours
  • Request access from group owners to join appropriate groups
  • Follow the specific guidance on particpation in the or Group
  • Inform the group owner when access to the Group or KatalyST is no longer needed
  • NOT share their KatalyST password with anyone

When using KatalyST consider:

  • Security - only post material up to OFFICIAL WITHOUT Sensitive descriptors
  • Intellectual Property - do you have the right and authority to share information
  • Commercial - act within the bounds of your current contract
  • Audience - Make sure you understand who will see the information you post
  • Release of Information - Make sure you have the right to share information released to you on KatalyST with others
  • IT requirements – ensure that any IT or telephony used to access IT has up to date anti-virus protection and a firewall.  If you won’t do your banking from it, do not use it to access KatalyST.