Welcome to the DWP Network on Knowledge Hub

DWP is responsible for welfare and pension policy and is a key player in tackling child poverty. It is the biggest public service delivery department in the UK and serves over 20 million customers.

DWP’s remit includes:
- understanding and tackling the root causes of poverty rather than its symptoms
- encouraging people to work and making work pay
- supporting disabled people and those with ill health to work and be independent
- providing a decent income for people of pension age and promoting saving for retirement
- providing value for money and reducing levels of fraud and error
- reducing work-related death and serious injury in workplaces through the Health and Safety Executive

This Knowledge Hub network provides a space for those involved and interested in DWP's work to collaborate, connect and work together. Find out more about our groups and our campaigns.

Featured groups

PIP Communications Group
138 members DWP network

DWP Communications has launched this group for local authorities and disability organisations who advise DLA and PIP claimants.

This group:

  • Gives you access to information about Personal Independence Payment (PIP).
  • Helps you advise people about DLA ending for those born on or after 8 April 1948 and are 16 or over.
  • Enables you to share information and ask questions.
  • Provides you with the opportunity to feedback and help us improve communications about PIP and DLA ending.

Universal Credit Local Authority Communication Network
133 members DWP network

This group supports local authorities communicating information about Universal Credit. It acts as a link between authorities and DWP providing a useful reference point for those involved in communicating about Universal Credit roll-out. The group is regularly updated with communications’ materials and advice from DWP, and examples of good practice from local authorities. The LGA supports the sharing of good practice between local authorities and is keen to see this group used for that purpose.