21st Century Libraries

21st Century Libraries Restricted

250 members Local Government Association network

21st Century Libraries KHub is to help councils look at, develop, and collaborate on different ways to deliver library services, and maintain or if possible improve service quality at less cost. It is run by the Local Government Association (LGA) and Arts Council England (ACE) in collaboration with local authorities.

25 January 2017 Scams Conference

25 January 2017 Scams Conference Restricted

14 members

The purpose of the group is to share resources and best practice for the group members who support vulnerable victims of scams.

3rd Sector Support Group

3rd Sector Support Group Restricted

24 members Scottish Public Services network

A sub-group of the Buchan Local Community Planning Group comprising representatives of third sector organisation partners or partners who support third sector organisations.

A249 Sheppey Crossing Group

A249 Sheppey Crossing Group Restricted

2 members

This group is for all parties engaged in the current discussion on the A249 Sheppey Crossing project.

A2D - Digital & Modern Leadership

A2D - Digital & Modern Leadership Restricted

6 members

Welcome to our Digital & Modern Leadership Community. This group is for alumni of the A2D Digital & Modern Leadership courses, mentoring and training sessions to access and share learnings, advice and best practice. If you are passionate about Digital & Leadership please do feel free to contact us about becoming a member.

We want this to be open, trusted community with a common thread: to nurture and support modern digital leaders to effect transformation throughout their organisation.

ACCE Localism Group

ACCE Localism Group Restricted

37 members

The County Council's Localism Group is a network of officers from many of the Shire counties across the UK who meet to discuss emerging political priorities, localism, devolution, and share best practice. The Group also provides a forum for consultation on issues facing two-tier local authorities. The Group is closely linked with the Association of County Council Chief Executives (ACCE) and a member of the Group attends ACCE meetings.

ADASS Regional Carers Group

ADASS Regional Carers Group Restricted

12 members

The Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) group is for regional carers to keep up to date with informative events and connect to other carers. Please also see http://adassyh.org.uk and become a member for news across the region.

ADASS Regional Communications Group

ADASS Regional Communications Group Restricted

14 members

The Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) Regional Communications Group invites authorities across the region to keep up to date with each other. Please also see http://adassyh.org.uk and become a member for news across the region.


ADEPT NBG Group Restricted

88 members

The purpose of this group is to provide an electronic discussion forum for local authority bridge managers and engineers, and those with an interest with highway bridges.

ADEPT Research Development Group

ADEPT Research Development Group Restricted

16 members

The Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport (ADEPT) Research Development Group is a restricted Group for both ADEPT member and non-member local authorities. This Group is for sharing best practice and to allow group members the opportunity to pool knowledge and network. 

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Featured groups

SSAT Leadership Legacy Programme
135 members SSAT network

This ground-breaking new programme from SSAT is designed to support nominated teachers who, in their first four years of teaching, have shown outstanding leadership potential.  During the programme, our next generation leaders will be developing their skills through regular attendance of a range of SSAT’s events and school visits .. and by taking advantage of shadowing and networking opportunities. 

Scottish Government Programme and Project Management Community
545 members Scottish Public Services network

This community is directed at colleagues within Scottish Government and the wdier Scottish Public Sector who want to share their PPM knowledge and experience to benefit others.  It provides information to help people address the Scottish Government's Programme and Project Management principles.

Knowledge Hub Global
163 members KHub Global network

The Knowledge Hub Global group is for everyone interested in the global expansion of public service knowledge exchange via the Knowledge Hub. 

Join in with peers dedicated to building effective online groups that inspire innovative exchange across public services all around the world. Once you join, add your introduction.

New to KHub? Please register and return here to join.

This group is championed by online engagement pioneer Steven Clift.

Public Sector Communications
184 members KHub Global network

We’re bringing Public Communicators together from across Europe to share ideas and best practices.

This Group was launched around the EuroPCom15 conference, but while two early members (Mathew & Steve) spoke there, we’re not officially affiliated with it, nor limited to discussing it.

After all, public sector communications across Europe face similar problems every day, not just every October. So share your ideas and your problems - someone, somewhere in Europe, will probably have the answer.

Connect-Ed Open Door meeting space
45 members MESHConnect network

Welcome to Connect-Ed. This is a meeting space for educators interested in developingR&D processes leading to a self-improving education system. You are invited to join to keep up to date with research and development and training activities- or even create, lead or join working communities. See www.connect-ed.ac.uk. Contact enquiries@connect-ed.ac.uk for more information.