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Harnessing Momentum: Promoting your online group's current activities for growth and engagement


If you're looking to grow your online group, it's important to understand why you are looking to promote the group and the reasons behind it. Three of the most common reasons for promotional activities typically include:

  • Increasing membership

  • Replenishing membership

  • Raising awareness

While it's tempting to focus on the group’s future and what you plan to do, the truth is that promoting what your group is doing right now can be a much more effective way to help you meet your goals on why you are promoting the group.

Simply talking about what your online group is doing and sharing the value for members, can help to build momentum and generate excitement around it. It's also a great way to showcase to potential members what they can expect if they join your online group. 

In this blog post, we'll explore why promoting your online groups' current activities is so important as well as share some tips for how to do it effectively.


Why promoting your group’s current activities is important


It builds momentum

When you promote what your online group is doing right now, you create a sense of momentum and excitement. This can be especially effective when you have a big event or are working on a challenge in your subject area as a group. By focusing on the good things that your group is working on and producing, you can build anticipation and generate a buzz around your online group and what it has to offer.

It shows your value

Promoting what you’re currently working on can also be a great way to show potential members what they can expect if they join your group. By highlighting your current activities and achievements, you demonstrate your value and prove that your community is worth being a part of. It also has the added bonus of showcasing the group’s value to the current membership, those who have not engaged with the group for a while, and the managers of the current members.

It's more engaging

Finally, talking about what your online group is doing right now is simply more engaging than talking about what you plan to do. It's easier for people to get excited about something that's happening right now, rather than something that's still in its planning stages. By focusing on your current activities, you can capture people's attention, keep them engaged and get them involved with your group.


Tips for promoting your online group's current activities


Use social media

Social media is a great way to promote what your online group is doing right now. Share content and regular updates about your current activities on your social media channels, and encourage your members and followers to get involved. Use relevant hashtags to make it easy for people to find your content, and engage with your followers by responding to comments and messages.

Use existing networks

For nearly every subject area there will be a professional body or membership associations that talk about the subject area. Look out for opportunities to be mentioned in their newsletters, industry news, or even your own organisation’s intranet. Also, make use of your members’ networks and ask your current members of the group to recommend the group to colleagues and suggest people to invite.

Host or attend events

Hosting events is another great way to promote what your online group is doing right now. Whether it's face to face or virtual, you can organise a networking event or a webinar on the subject area, and this will give you a platform to showcase your online group’s current activities and achievements. Attending events and presenting the highlights of your group will allow you to introduce new people to the group.

Create content

Creating content is a great way to promote what your online group is doing right now. Whether it's a blog post, a podcast or a video, creating content allows you to share your story and present your current activities. Be sure to highlight the benefits of being a part of your online group, and include a call to action encouraging people to join up and get involved.


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