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Alternative Education Provision group link

Anglian Gateway Teaching Alliance group link

Attendance & Behaviour group link

Cambridgeshire Accelerating Achievement

Alternative Education Provision

Anglian Gateway Teaching Alliance

Attendance & Behaviour

Cambridgeshire - Accelerating Achievement

Cambridgeshire Assessement & Moderation Team group link

Cambridgeshire Catering & Cleaning Services group link

Cambridgeshire 30 hours support group link

Cambridgeshire Elective Home group link

Cambridgeshire Assessment & Moderation Team

Cambridgeshire Catering & Cleaning Services

Cambridgeshire County Council - 30 hours support

Cambridgeshire County Council - Elective Home

News for Schools group link

Cambridgeshire County Council's Children's VQ group link

Children's Workforce Development Trainers group link

Early Years PVI Leads

Cambridgeshire County Council News for Schools

Cambridgeshire County Council's Children's VQ

Cambridgeshire County Council Children's Workforce Development Trainers

Cambridgeshire County Council Early Years Leaders (PVI Leads)

Early Years Quality Framework group link

Early Years Service group link

Early Years Curriculum Leaders group link

Level 6 careers guidance group link

Cambridgeshire County Council Early Years Quality Framework

Cambridgeshire County Council Early Years Service

Cambridgeshire County Council Leaders in Early Years Curriculum Cambridgeshire County Council Level 6 Career Guidance Assessors

WDT VQ Managers group link

Cambridgeshire CREDS group link

Cambridgeshire Culture group link

Early Years SEN Coordinators group link

Cambridgeshire County Council WDT VQ Managers Cambridgeshire CREDS Cambridgeshire Culture Cambridgeshire Early Years SEN Coordinators

Designated person for child protection group link

Child protection group link

Cambridgeshire English Team group link

Cambridgeshire Governance Advisory Panel group link

Cambridgeshire Early Years: Designated Person for Child Protection Cambridgeshire Education Child Protection Cambridgeshire English Team Cambridgeshire Governance Advisory Panel

Cambridgeshire Health, Safety & Wellbeing group link

Cambridgeshire Maths Team group link

Cambridgeshire Music Management group link

Cambridgeshire Outdoors group link

Cambridgeshire Health, Safety & Wellbeing Team Cambridgeshire Maths Team Cambridgeshire Music Management Team Cambridgeshire Outdoors

Cambridgeshire PSHE group link

Cambridgeshire Physical Education Service group link

Cambridgeshire Religious Education Advisory Service group link

Governance Hub for Governors & Clerks group link

Cambridgeshire Personal Social Health Education Cambridgeshire Physical Education Service Cambridgeshire Religious Education Advisory Service Cambridgeshire School Governance Hub for Governors & Clerks

School improvement board group link

SACRE group link

Teacher interns group link

Education advisory team group link

Cambridgeshire School Improvement Board Cambridgeshire Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education Cambridgeshire Teacher Interns 2016-18 Education Advisory Team

EYFS Leaders group link

ICT Service FMS group link

Learn Together Strategies & Finance group link

NQT pool group link

EYFS Leaders (Cambridgeshire) FMS: The ICT Service Learn Together Strategies & Schools Finance NQT Pool Recommended Candidates Group

Recently qualified teachers conference group link

ICT Service SIMS group link

Model policies group link

Teach in Cambs recruitment offer group link

Recently Qualified Teachers Conference SIMS: The ICT Service Statutory School Model Policies Teach in Cambridgeshire - Recruitment & Retention

Teach in Cambs signed-up schools group link

ICT Service group link

Kite TSA Morning Maths group link


Teach in Cambridgeshire - signed-up in schools The ICT Service The Kite TSA Morning Maths Meeting Project 2017