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How Clever Content Curation Positions Your Online Community as a Thought Leader



There are many websites that we use that bring curated content together to help us.  Anything from film reviews, news or sports sites that keep us coming back for more.

Your online community is not going to be the next big thing in content curation. Still, it has the potential to enhance your online community's reputation as the go-to place in your subject area. This article will delve into the tips and strategies you can employ to position your community as a thought leader through clever content curation.


Cut through the Noise with Smart Commentary:

In an era of information overload, a simple and clear content curation program can help your community members find their way through the noise. Instead of providing a mere link roundup, take the opportunity to add smart commentary and analysis. Explain controversies, discuss their significance, and offer unique insights on breaking news. By doing so, you provide genuine value to your members and establish your online community as a trusted leader on the subject.


Content Curation Adds Variety to Your Action Plan:

Creating new content from scratch is time-consuming, often requiring a significant portion of a Community Manager's schedule—sometimes as much as 40% to 50%. (Read our tips on Smart ways to save time and effort in creating content).  While there's no definitive right or wrong answer regarding content creation, integrating content curation into your action plan can help keep members engaged and stimulated. It offers a quicker alternative to producing original content while maintaining the same level of smart and insightful information.


Five Ways to Start Content Curation for Your Group:

To kickstart your content curation efforts, consider the following strategies:

  1. Set Google alerts for subject matter-specific keywords: Utilise Google Alerts ( to stay updated on relevant topics and receive notifications directly to your inbox.

  2. Subscribe to popular newsletters in your subject area: Identify reputable newsletters that share valuable insights and information, and subscribe to them to stay informed.

  3. Utilise Twitter or LinkedIn hashtags: Follow subject-wide conversations on social media platforms by using relevant hashtags. Twitter and LinkedIn are excellent platforms for discovering curated content and engaging with others in your field.

  4. Crowdsource suggestions from your members: Engage your community by asking for recommendations on influential blogs, social media accounts, and other relevant sources. Leverage the collective knowledge of your members to curate valuable content.

  5. Keep an eye out for surprising, clever, or controversial news: Stay vigilant for unique content that stands out and resonates with your community. Curate and share such content to spark discussions and promote engagement.


Nurture Key Relationships for New Content and Conversations:

While curating content, it's important to look beyond the usual sources and seek out emerging experts and new voices in your subject area. Forge relationships with these individuals by reaching out to them and inviting them to join your online community or participate in webinars and discussions. Embracing diverse perspectives and establishing connections with influential figures enriches your curated content and strengthens your community's thought leadership position.


Collaboration and Promotion:

Content curation doesn't have to be a solitary endeavour. Encourage your community members to suggest and contribute content alongside you. By involving others in the curation process, you foster collaboration and create a sense of ownership within the community. Additionally, promoting the types of topics and discussions taking place in your online community through blogs and social media serves as a powerful tool to attract like-minded individuals who share your community's purpose and objectives.


To wrap things up


By implementing an effective content curation strategy, your online community can establish itself as a thought leader in your subject area. Cleverly curated content, combined with insightful discussions and collaboration, positions your community as the go-to Knowledge Hub for industry knowledge. 

Embracing content curation can elevate your online community's reputation, fostering meaningful connections and driving engagement with your members as part of the process.


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