Welcome to the MESHConnect Network

MESHConnect online communities are designed to link educators (teachers, lecturers, researchers) with common interests regardless of location. The MESHConnect workspace here supports research collaborations designed to build, strengthen and make accessible the evidence base for educational practice. We see sharing practice internationally as important in supporting effective teaching for learners everywhere. 

We are using online tools via Knowledge Hub communities to: 

  • co-ordinate and develop networked learning communities focused on issues important to teachers/lecturers in classrooms
  • gather research questions from teachers/lecturers so that research addresses issues of concern to the daily work of educators
  • provide an avenue for the student voice via student research councils
  • use translational research techniques to publish user-friendly research summaries from collaborative research and Masters/EdD/PhD research e.g. v ia  MESHGuides
  • share research instruments and outcome measures and develop online research training appropriate  to school-based research
  • use TeachMeet type events to produce evidence-informed ‘state-of-the-nation’ briefing papers on topical issues
  • offer quality assurance through peer and expert review linking academics/researchers/teachers/lecturers
  • use digital technologies to maximum effect to support inclusion of schools, staff and students regardless of location

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