Public Health England (PHE) exists to protect and improve the nation’s health, and reduce health inequalities. We work with national and local government, the NHS and the public to provide evidence-based expertise and public health services such as immunisation and screening. We are an executive agency of our sponsor body, the Department of Health and Social Care, and employ 5,500 people across 20 regional offices.

Publishing content

Content published on KHub may be subject to the PHE Gateway process. If so, it must meet the same standards and quality checks as content published on GOV.UK.

You require Gateway approval if you:

  • are from a Knowledge and Intelligence Team (KIT) or centre that want to publish content nationwide, such as a report from a KIT lead
  • want to publish a publication, like a report or guidance

If you are publishing content to local contacts in your region, you do not need Gateway approval. If you're not sure, inform your local centre’s communications team and KIT director.

You can edit your own posts, but not the posts of others. You cannot edit comments on an article or story once that comment has been posted to the site.

Your content may be edited or deleted at the sole discretion of PHE moderators if it does not comply with our terms of reference.

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