What are Professional Networks?

Our Professional Networks service is aimed at organisations who are looking to:

  1. Improve engagement with their extended community,
  2. Add value to this community through collaboration and knowledge sharing,
  3. Reduce the costs of expensive infrastructure and applications.

If you are a professional group, membership body or association, that is looking to harness the value of your community, then contact us now to find out how we can help or Download the Fact Sheet Now!


Who is using Professional Networks?

Socitm - The network and representative body for professionals delivering public services for the benefit of people and communities through the effective use of information and digital technology.


"With Knowledge Hub, we’ve found a platform that allows our members to engage with us and each other effectively" Adrian Hancock, Chief Executive Officer, Socitm.


Scottish Improvement Service -  The Scottish Public Service Network brings together all Scottish groups into a single collaborative arena.


“Having our own digital network makes it easier to facilitate knowledge exchange, networking and collaboration across Scotland's public services, as well as creating opportunities to reduce costs by increasing online collaboration. Our Scottish users can also tap into the rich resource of current thinking and expertise available through other UK and international Knowledge Hub Networks.” Mike McLean, Knowledge and Collaboration Manager, Scottish Improvement Service.


Solace is the representative body for Chief Executives and senior managers working in the public sector in the UK. We are committed to promoting public sector excellence.


“Solace aims to create spaces for leaders in local government to learn, network and influence. Knowledge Hub provides us with an important platform to continue that work online. We are excited to be developing important places where individuals across the local government family can put forward ideas, share the great work they are doing and discuss what more they can do. Knowledge Hub provides the opportunity to strengthen the collaboration and maintain the momentum.” Graeme McDonald, Director of Solace