Mouse Tap

The headline read Cold snap and mouse tap boost profits. I read and re read the article but could find no further reference to "mouse taps". Since the article was about finance was a " mouse tap" accountancy terminology, I googled it but all I got was did you mean mouse trap. Then it clicked the article was about increased on line sales boosting profits, more people using their computer to shop by simply tapping on their mouse. Was this a very cleaver head line as it sufficiently intrigued me to get me to read an article on a subject I had no interest in, what's more in trying to make sense of the headline I re read the article in a vain attempt to find a reference to the mouse tap and so discover how it improved profits. Or was a more self explanatory head line needlessly sacrificed in order to find a rhyme with  cold snap ?  Would a blog post or email with a   bewildering or perplexing headline be more likely or less likely to be read by staff? (Well you read it!). Is this the way to tackle the problem of staff who don't read the chief executive's blog, info on the intranet or emails sent by senior managers to all staff? 
Blair McPherson 


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Well, it certainly got me reading. So there could be something in it.