Knowledge Hub - a year in numbers

Look how productive you were in 2014! Here’s a look back at some of the Knowledge Hub numbers from last year...2014 statistics: 493 new groups, 5 mins avg session time per member, over 19,500 new members, 1,626 avg new members per month, 1085 blogs, 4705 wikis, 1979 events, 17167 docs, 43107 threads, 279 ideas, over 200 functionality updates, 366,097 avg page views per month, and 4,393,164 page views.

We hope this year will see more individuals and organisations recognising that online communities and collaboration are essential to their way of working. Not only can they save time and money, but working collaboratively leads to public service improvement.

Knowledge Hub is pleased to continue playing a major part in connecting people and enabling them to work smarter and more efficiently in 2015.

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David Reid 7 Years Ago
In my personal view these statistics evidence the value of the Knowledge Hub as a point of connection. Diversity of groups is also a strength of the network