The Tudors are trending

 First their was the prizewinning book Wolf Hall now there is a critically acclaimed BBC adaptation. The central character is Thomas Cromwell who is undergoing a modern day rehabilitation of his reputation. He is no longer the cold blooded,cynical manipulator behind the throne of  Henry V111  or rather he is but to modern audiences being a ruthless pragmatist is a recognised way of getting on in politics and business. Cromwell operated in the shadows, always in the back ground knowing when to speak and when to remain silent much like public sector senior managers operating behind closed doors never publicly questioning the wisdom of those above them but seeking to influence and advance their own position. People claim to find this behaviour abhorrent they claim to want leaders/ bosses who are honest,who have integrity, who play fair and stick to their principles even when to do so may threaten their career. And yet our times like Tudor times seem to best suit those unencumbered with principles, able to support and appose a policy with equal enthusiasm, where being on the right side is more important than doing the right thing.
Blair Mcpherson

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