The Three Tricks 

Three tricks endorsed by HR were in the spot light this week. Trick one is  to increase basic pay but at the same time remove paid breaks and enhancements for working on a Sunday. Trick two is to transfer staff to a new organisation on protected terms and conditions but then employ all new staff on inferior pay and conditions. Trick three is to offer a pay rise on condition employees give up a days paid holiday!  


All three methods are aimed at reducing costs and improving “efficiency” . All three methods do so at the expense of staff. All three approaches are endorsed by their organisations HR team as legal. Is this what HR has become experts in finding ways of gaining advantage with out technically breaking the rules? Just like those tax advisor who make lots of money helping the wealthy and multinational organisations “reduce “ their tax bills. It use to be that the main function of HR was to ensure an organisation followed its own policy and procedures in relation to employees whether that be hiring or firing. In LA’s the members adopted those policies and procedures as a statement of intent to treat all their staff fairly. Certainly in Labour controlled authorities the stated aim was to be a model employer.  Now it seems that its about what you can get away with. 


Blair McPherson 


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