It’s just an illusion


We arrived late. The only seats left were on the front row. The man on the stage stopped what he was saying and welcomed us pointing to the empty seats at the front. The spot light was literally on us. As my partner quickly sat down I was invited on stage. Apparently we had arrived just as volunteers were being sort. Encouraged by the audience and my wife the man on stage insisted I joined him. I reluctantly climbed the steps to join him and an other “volunteer “ centre stage. The spot lights were so bright In my eyes I couldn’t see the audience or my wife but I could hear them! 


The man dressed all in black was a magician. He gave me a bag and asked me to show the audience it was empty. I did and it was. He then moved to the other side of the stage to do a trick with the other volunteer. Whilst he was distracted I examined the bag more closely, turning it upside down and giving it a shake. Much to the amusement of the audience. The magician looked up to see what was distracting his audience. He place an egg in the bag held by the other volunteer and then asked me from across the stage to put my hand in my bag and take out whatever I found. To no one’s great surprise I pulled out an egg. 


The next day whilst wandering around a small costal town in Alaska several people from the cruse ship approached me to ask how the trick worked but I wasn’t able to tell them. 

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