Making the case for tackling obesity - why invest?

This slideset of infographics produced by Public Health England illustrate the facts and figures about obesity, the costs, the benefits of investing and the potential routes to action. An accompanying reference sheet is included. These can be used freely with acknowledgement to Public Health England.

The slide set is based on the most recent data and best available evidence. It includes systematic reviews where available, robust evidence summaries, policy documents and guidance from trusted sources. For some facts, smaller studies, economic models and evaluations of local interventions are referenced. Examples of local interventions are also included. The links in this reference sheet are intended to provide background information and evidence behind the facts in the accompanying slide set, as well as easy access to key reports and data sets.

Two further slide packs presenting key data and information on adult and child obesity in clear, easy to understand charts and graphics are also available from this site.

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