Get to know your heart...interactive learning tool from the British Heart Foundation

Know your heart is an interactive learning tool produced by the British Heart Foundation, designed to help you learn more about how your heart works and what you can do to keep it healthy. Further information about this and other useful tools are detailed below.

About 'Know your heart'

Know Your Heart is an interactive learning tool presented by Dr. Hilary Jones. Highly commended by the British Medical Association, this tool is designed to help you learn how your heart works. It also helps to explain what you can do to help keep your heart healthy and lower your risk of getting cardiovascular disease. Split into three topics, Know Your Heart uses film, interactive tasks and quizzes to guide you through essential information. The first topic looks at what your heart does and how it works. You’ll learn what the different parts of your heart do to keep blood pumping around your body, and see just how much blood it pumps. The second topic covers cardiovascular disease. You'll find out why the build up of fatty material is so bad for your heart, and learn what you should do if you think someone is having a heart attack or stroke. The final topic focuses on the risk factors linked with cardiovascular disease.

Patient UK's Heart Risk Calculator

An innovative ‘risk calculator’ launched in 2014 by leading heart organisations, including BHF was been named as one of Dr Mark Porters ‘Top 10 Health Websites. Joint British Societies recommendations on the prevention of Cardiovascular Disease (JBS3) has produced an app which uses your data to work out your odds of having a stroke or heart attack over the next decade, was said to be a ‘trustworthy favourite’ for doctors to recommend to their patients. The interactive tool shows the extra years of healthier life people could gain by implementing interventions. It aims to empower individuals and help patients understand the benefits of reducing their risk of CVD.
The innovative risk calculator was born out of recommendations suggesting that doctors should help patients prevent cardiovascular disease (CVD) earlier in their life.

New tool to calculate Heart Age is launched

BHF have launched an online tool in collaboration with Public Health England which allows people to find out the true age of their heart in just a few clicks. The tool lets users input simple lifestyle information including their weight, height and smoking habits to see how their real age compares to the predicted age of their heart. Developed by Public Health England, the BHF, Joint British Society and NHS choices, the online resource will allow people to better understand their risk of serious conditions. The personalised results give people the opportunity to take action to reduce their risk of developing serious but preventable conditions like coronary heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease and certain types of dementia.

Exercise calorie calculator

BHF's exercise calorie calculator helps you to find out how many calories you will burn by taking part in activities that range from mowing the lawn to going for a run.


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