How to impress the Boss


You creep. Not as easy as you think if you don’t want to alienate your colleagues and lose all self respect. It’s not about agreeing with his or her every word, it’s not about volunteering when everyone else is looking at their shoes, it not about showing off as in sharing your knowledge of a new business theory from a book you recently read. It might be owning up to a mistake, a willingness to accept criticism, your reaction to disappointment. It could be something outside of work, something out of character or rather something that’s shows there is more to you than maybe your office persona indicates. 


The real trick is not to try too hard. Or rather try very hard but cleverly disguise your intention. This applies to being interviewed for a job and being in the job but “pushing “ for promotion. 


You don’t want your boss to think you’re after their job especially if you are. 


Asking for advice is a good way to impress your boss, not only does it show you are willing to listen and learn but in asking them you are demonstrating you recognise wisdom when you come across it. 


Are you sure it’s your boss you want to impress? The truly ambitious recognise that its your bosses boss you should target and their PA. Being seen as helpful and cooperative whilst your boss  comes across as too preoccupied, distracted and disinterested to be helpful to someone else’s PA. 


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