Recent TV programmes focusing on issues facing the NHS

The last few weeks have seen some thought-provoking TV programmes hit our screens, focusing on some of the complex issues that currently face the NHS. If you missed any of them, you can catch up using the links below:

Junk Food Kids: Who's To Blame? A third of British children are now overweight or obese. This series explores how this epidemic occurred and what can be done to alleviate it.

NHS: £2 Billion a Week & CountingA combination of factors is making it harder than ever for the NHS to decide how to allocate funds. This series explores how much money different patients cost the NHS, and examines the complex ethical and financial dilemmas clinicians face when deciding who should - and shouldn't - receive treatment.

Inside Out – GP ServicesThis edition of Inside Out explores whether GP services are in crisis, focusing on the specific issues facing different areas of the country: EastEast Midlands, LondonNorth East and CumbriaNorth WestSouthSouth EastSouth WestWestWest MidlandsYorkshire and Lincolnshire


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