About MASIS - The Mobility and Support Information Service

Improving Mobility creates more Inclusive Societies

MASIS, the Mobility and Support Information Service, is a registered charity and community interest company. Their focus is on removing the barriers to participation that people with impairments face, and in doing so developing a more inclusive and equal society for disabled people and individuals with long-term health conditions.

Its aim is to provide appropriate and relevant information that addresses the barriers that disabled people and people with long term health conditions face, and ensure that people can find effective solutions to address the barriers they encounter through the provision of appropriate signposting to professional services.

Through an extensive network of established partnerships with experts in various fields, including government departments and statutory, voluntary and private organisations, MASIS can inform, advise and resolve issues across a range of topics within various sectors including the motor trade, employment and self employment, healthcare, housing, education, travel, recreational activities and other useful resources.

MASIS would like to include more partnerships in their network and would like to establish partnerships with commercial organisations and experts from the following sectors:

  • motor trade (new and used car dealerships and retailers);
  • social care providers (local authorities and private sector);
  • healthcare providers (NHS and private sector);
  • housing and construction (including social housing trusts);
  • voluntary sector support organisations, including user led organisations;
  • educational establishments;
  • employment support providers and agencies;
  • access auditing services;
  • sport and recreational services;
  • and travel and tourism.

For more information go to masis.org.uk or email info@masis.org.uk

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