The Great British Public Toilet Map

The Great British Public Toilet Map shows toilets that the public can use. This includes those in shops, cafes etc if they choose to let non-customers use their loo, such as those in Community Toilet Schemes. The data comes from councils, businesses, the OpenStreetMap project and YOU! The data will be available for others to use under an open licence. Please help by adding and editing toilets.

Info for councils

The Local Government Association manage a scheme to help councils to publish ‘open data’ as part of Local Open Data Incentive Scheme.

Info for organisations and businesses

If you have lots of toilets that you would like displayed on the map, please contact

The Great British Public Toilet Map was created by The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art. It was designed and built by Neontribe. It is funded by the Nominet Trust. It began as part of the TACT3 research project, funded by the New Dynamics of Ageing programme.


Twitter: @GBToiletMap

The team are looking for sponsorship. Please contact Gail at if you would like to find out more.

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