LA access to delayed transfers of care data

LA access to pre-publication DTOC data on Unify

As the monthly situation report on delayed transfers has moved to NHS Digital’s Strategic Data Collection Service platform, local authorities (LAs) will more easily be able to access data pre-publication, as it does not require an connection. This should aid earlier validation of the submitted data and, hopefully, reduce disputes.

If your local authority requires access to the NHS Digital file transfer system, where they can see any provider data submitted under them, email, who will request that NHS Digital provide access to the appropriate data. In terms of setting accounts up, NHSD just need to know: Name, LA, Email address, Mobile phone number if available (NHS D use this to set up passwords but there are other ways if not).

This set up allows individual LAs to access their data as it is submitted so they can see which delays have been attributed to them and therefore gives them time to review and if necessary challenge before publication. This facility was available on Unify, but as Unify required NHSnet access, not many LAs could do this.

This access is for individual LAs to see their own data for validation purposes and cannot be access by national organisations as this would not be in line with pre-release access protocols to official statistics.

Once an LA has an account, NHS D will send out login info and how to access.

Security level: Public

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