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“ Every hour spent cycling adds an hour to your life” department of human geography, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands ( advert in weekend papers selling bikes) So as long as you never get off your bike you will live forever- or will it just seem like that. 

As my old English language teacher use to say “just because all sheep are animals and all sheep have four legs doesn’t mean all animals have four legs”. Something to bear in mind when discussing another efficiency initiative when what we need is to be more effective. Or since I’m in the mood for school boy memories, if two people rowing at five miles an hour can complete the course in half an hour how long will it take a rowing crew of 20 people to complete the same course?

And finally if each year I reduce my budget by 3 %  how many years will it take before I 
a) need staff to work twice as hard for half the pay 
b)need to make myself redundant
c) need to outsource the service


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Since this blog was posted the expensive management consultants we engaged to address these questions have come back to us. Having assembled a vast team of accountants and using the latest financial modelling technics their biggest and fastest computer has worked out the answer. The answer is  7. We are now going out to tender to place an even more lucrative contract for management consultants to explain the answer.


Breaking news the contract has been awarded to the Vatican and they have confirmed that as many of you suspected the original question was wrongly framed. However the good news is that they do not have to re run the programme or input new data as the have been running their own, even more ambitious programme for a very long time.