The King's Fund - The pledges on health and social care

What are the parties promising on health and social care? The King's Fund have gone through the Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Green and UKIP manifestos to find out. You can explore the results as an animated infographic or a downloadable round-up.

As we approach the 2015 general election, the NHS is one of the most important issues facing Britain. This King's Fund election website looks at some of the biggest questions in health and social care and sets out the policies and pledges made by the main parties in England.

  • Will the NHS get the money it needs?
  • Will it be easier to get a GP appointment?
  • Will health and social care become more joined up?
  • How will mental health care be improved?
  • Will the NHS face more reorganisation?
  • What are the parties going to do about public health?

In compiling this website they have taken information from the parties’ manifestos and drawn on recent policy announcements, as captured on their Election tracker.

Guides to the 2015 party manifestos are also available from the Local Government Association website, including one that sets out the key health, social care and public health policy detail for local government.

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