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Alastair Nall 2 Years Ago

Hi Liz, there is an obvious need for something like Khub. Word has spread and people have signed up. However, the groups I have observed seem to suffer from a lack of engagement. I have been trying to find a khub functionality recommendations / support group, but I don't think one exists so apologies for writing comments on your blog post.


Police forces are very tech limited. For example, a simple blog on an intranet seems to be too much to ask. Part of my role involves Horizon Scanning, i.e. looking for PESTELO type issues that need to be factored into policing strategy. This is something that many forces do independently, when it should be done collaboratively.


I think this is where khub could really flourish as you could join police forces together with functionality they cannot provide themselves. However, I'm not sure that khub can quite fulfil this requirement, which would limit your engagement. For example, there are no tags or categories visible on a blog page. Also, have you considered IFTTT or MS Flow integrations?


A Wiki is a great way to share good practice, lessons learned and all sorts or organisational knowledge, however navigating to, and finding content is quite difficult. Without being able to easily create a structure, the Wiki ends up being a disjointed list of outdated items.


In top level meetings, Khub is referenced as a solution to some of our problems. At the moment I don't see that happening, but I would like to.

Liz Copeland 2 Years Ago

Hi Alastair, thanks for your comments. We always appreciate feedback and are keen to take members' views on board. I'm sorry your experiences so far have led you to groups that perhaps don't have as much activity. There are a great number of more active groups, but of course the activity level depends on so many different things, such as the facilitation team, the type of group, the subject area, the time of year etc. etc.

We do run an Online Facilitators Community, which is aimed at supporting those running groups to grow their membership and increase their particiption. You would be most welcome to join, you can find it here: https://khub.net/web/facilitatorscommunity

I wonder if a chat sometime might be a good idea? I would certainly be interested in hearing more about the kind of issues you are seeking solutions for to see if Knowledge Hub is able to help.

I've just sent you a connection request. Drop me a message if you'd like to fix up a chat and we'll see what we can arrange.