This is not leadership

Naivety and arrogance are not good qualities in a leader. Although the leader concerned would not recognise this description seeing themselves as optimistic and confident. Such leaders compound these faults with a lack in sight into their own behaviour. A recent example is the statement by the prison minister that he will resign if his plan to combat drugs and violence by spending £10 million on improved detection systems does not work within 12 months. 

The problems of drugs and violence in prisons are linked but not in a simplistic stop the drugs and you stop the violence way. The prevalence of drugs in prison can only be explained by the collusion of a few corrupt prison staff and a willingness of other staff to look the other way. Prisoners in a zombie state on spice are a good deal easier to manage especially with staffing shortages. Any solution must include a review of the recruitment, training ,pay and staffing levels. Another element to the problem is the number of prisoners with mental health problems. You would go along way to reducing violence and drug abuse if addicts were sent to rehab and those with mental health problems were receiving appropriate treatment in an appropriate place. 


Statements like I will resign if I haven’t solved the problem in 12 months are not evidence of leadership but grand standing . This is yet another politician indulging in self promotion. 


Blair Mcpherson former director, author and blogger 


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