Health Matters: Health Economics

Making the most of your budget

This edition of Health matters focuses on local authorities, NHS commissioners and healthcare providers making better evidence-based commissioning decisions, and getting the most from their budget using easy to use health economic tools, resources and core principles.

Prevention and early intervention are effective means of improving or maintaining health, reducing demand on the NHS and other public services, and supporting economic growth. However, all local authorities and local public health teams are under budget pressures and have to make increasingly challenging decisions over which services to invest in and disinvest from.

Changing needs and context mean that local authorities must frequently review which public health services they provide for their population. Whether the decision to be made is around particular interventions, or a wider review of allocating resources across programmes, there are Health Economics tools that can help.

This edition of Health Matters focuses on the resources that PHE’s Health Economics teams have to offer. All of these resources aim to facilitate and simplify cost-effective decision making around commissioning, and are designed to be easy to use by those with no formal Health Economics qualifications.

Explore this edition to learn more about:

  • The Prioritisation Framework
  • The Spend and Outcome Tool (SPOT)
  • The Health Economics Evidence Resource (HEER)

You can download infographics and other resources for use in presentations of your own or to share with colleagues.

Health Matters is a resource for professionals, which brings together the latest data and evidence, makes the case for effective public health interventions, and highlights tools and resources that can facilitate local or national action. Visit the Health Matters area of GOV.UK or sign up to receive the latest updates through our e-bulletin. If you found this blog helpful, please view other Health Matters blogs

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