Getting a top job

After years of interviewing candidates for management posts I have identified the qualities that get people the top jobs.The most significant personal qualities are ambition and bounce back ability. But these qualities say nothing about the individual’s ability to do the job.


It turns out that there are two types of managers those who are ambitious and those who are not. Note I am not saying effective and ineffective, inspirational or dull and conservative just that some become comfortable retaining a close link to the front line where as others are very ambitious, whether or not they admit it. Their career doesn’t just happen they plan it. They don’t just have an eye on the next job but the one after that. They identify the experience, skill, and knowledge they will need for that future post and that determines what job they will apply for next. Of course things rarely go to plan and sometimes a sideways move is necessary in order to move forward in the future and at some stage there will be a major set back. Very ambitious people have bounce back ability they don’t always get the jobs they apply for but the disappointment doesn’t last long, their remedy is to identify another vacancy. They take the opportunity of feedback to have an upbeat chat with the head hunters who are always looking for ambitious would be directors and chief executives to add to their interview long lists. 

Just because an individual really wants to be a senior manager doesn’t mean they  will make a good director or chief executive. However I have noticed that directors and chief executives   don’t suffer much self doubt. As a director once said to me ,  “ if you can’t convince yourself you can do the job then you’re not going to convince the interview panel”. 

Blair Mcpherson former director, author and blogger 



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