Why my manager likes me and why my manager doesn’t like me 

My manager likes my positive attitude, my enthusiasm and my creative approach to problem solving. My manager likes that I bring solutions not problems to our meetings. My manager appreciates being kept informed and an early warning when things aren’t going to plan. My manager recognises I do have insight into how my behaviour effects others. My manager is confident that I will deliver on what I have been asked to do. My manager knows they can rely on me. My manager values my knowledge and appreciates my contribution. 

My manager doesn’t like my lack of diplomacy. My manager finds my willingness to share my options sometimes ,”unhelpful”. My managers says I can be abrasive with colleagues and intolerant of those less able/committed than my self. My manager says I am some times too opinionated. My manager says most of the time I am right but there is a time and a place. 

My manager likes me but doesn’t like managing me. 



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inderjit gill 3 Years Ago

One could turn this question around and ask how many managers out there have the ability and the confidence to ask their staff for 360 degrees feedback? Having worked in two main civil service departments (DWP and HMRC) for twenty years I can only recount 2 managers who did this. Unfortunately not all individuals who reach the management grade are cut out to lead.