One Stop Shop

Researching models from other areas

Questions for Other Areas – Independent Living Centres / One Stop Shop

We are researching the benefits of developing a better self-purchase mechanism for equipment and adaptations in Gloucestershire, one of the ways of doing so is via an ILC or One Stop Shop. We are looking to see what other areas have learnt from doing so and as such we would appreciate you giving us your feedback below.

ILC / One Stop Shop Model:

Do you have a means for people self-purchasing community equipment and or minor adaptations? If so what elements are covered?

Have you previously had something, if yes why did you decommission?

Is this an internal or external function?

Do you have a range of provision – e.g. NHS vs privately funded?

Does it include Telecare items? Would these be linked to a monitoring centre?

Clinical Advice:

Is any clinical advice available? If yes what?

If not how do people get advice? Why was it not part of the model?


Where is it located? What was considered when choosing a location?


What was the set up cost of such a setting?

What are the annual costs?

Wider Uses:

How are your assessors/clinicians linked into this?

Are there any elements that are available to the wider community/NHS or LA staff e.g. training spaces?


How do you take payment from clients?

If they are open to Social Care do you take payment from their disability allowance?

Do you/have you used prescriptions? What is your feedback on this?

Are payment means tested, if so how is this managed?


If anyone has any learning from the above then It would be great to hear from you.

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