You don’t need to be a ‘writer’ to be a blogger

A common comment you will get when it comes to writing a blog is “I’m not a good writer” or “I don’t know what to write about”

Hopefully this simple blog will change your mind.

As we said in the title You don’t need to be a ‘writer’ to be a blogger.

Instead you just have to be able to communicate what you’re trying to say clearly, with good grammar and correct spelling.

Add a little bit of your own personality and bring out your creative side, then you’re onto a winner.

This comes mostly through practice and I bet if you look back through some of your most recent emails to team members, you would have spent a bit of time crafting the content to make it easy for them to understand while even adding to the conversation.  

On quite a few occasions the content that you are writing to only a few people could be a great blog that others would be really interested in too.

Let’s start off with “I’m not a good writer”.

Have a think about what makes you read an article in the paper or online.  They normally follow a simple pattern.

  • They tell it like it is – straight and to the point

  • They use language that their audience can understand

  • It’s not an essay – stick to 3 to 4 sentences in a paragraph

  • They keep it short and punchy

  • They keep the layout simple

I bet that you already do that when you email a group of people.

Now let’s look at “I don’t know what to write about”.

Here’s a few simple ideas to help you to explore different ideas.

  • Write a list of 3 things you are good at work

  • Write a list of 3 things you are interested in at work

  • Write a list of 3 things you want to learn more about at work

This quick exercise will give you enough ideas for topics for your blog. Just choose from your list of ideas.

Our simple advice is to write content about things you are passionate and knowledgeable about.

Want to find out more Knowledge Hub’s Blogging month and how to get involved?

Check out Make #KNOWvember a month to remember.


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