How to find volunteers for your community event

If you're about to organize a large community event, you probably realize that every pair of hands is valuable. That's why it's in your best interest to advertise the event as a volunteering opportunity and get lots of interest from young people for whom volunteering is an important source of new skills and qualifications. Here are 6 efficient ways for finding volunteers for your community event.

Set up an information booth

To make your event stand out, you should be physically present in your area. It's a great idea to set up an information booth for your community event at local events months before you plan to launch yours. It can be local festivals, farmers markets or even common areas in your town. This kind of public exposure will not only promote your event, but also help you acquire valuable volunteering resources by having people subscribe to your mailing list.

Reach out to schools and universities

This is the easiest way to acquire lots of volunteers interested in promoting your cause. It's a common thing for students to participate in programs and societies that involve a certain number of volunteering hours. You can get in touch with high schools, colleges and universities to share your volunteering opportunity and bring more people on board to make your event happen.

Invite groups instead of individuals

If your event is relatively large, it might be a smart idea to invite whole groups of volunteers to help you. You'll fill lots of volunteering spots required for the organization of your event, but also allow friends to hang out together and work towards a cause – all the while having lots of fun!

There are no better resources for volunteering groups that Scout Troops, local sports teams, employers of various companies relevant to the community, running clubs, Rotary clubs, women’s clubs and other similar organizations.

Offer incentives

One way to secure volunteers for your event is offering something interesting in return. For instance, if you need volunteers for your festival food tent, you can offer volunteers free food tickets for their work. Promotional materials like free t-shirts, admission tickets to an event, as well as sponsored gifts will make helping out in the organization of your event way more enticing.

Turn to online sources

The web is full of opportunities for finding the right volunteers for your community event. Just place your volunteering ad in online job posting services that are favored by youth, for instance Gumtree, and wait for swarms of passionate volunteers to reach out to you directly. Make sure to provide a clear description of the volunteering tasks, communicate your purpose, state who your sponsors are and provide links to your website to help prospective volunteers learn about your cause.

Network with similar organizations in your area

Make sure to advertise your volunteering opportunity to other organizations with developed volunteering schemes and groups in your area. If you choose to connect and partner with key community groups that have a similar purpose, you'll be on your way to acquire lots of experienced volunteers with no effort at all. It's enough that you get in touch with organizations that might be a good fit, explain your event and ask whether some of their volunteers would like to participate – in return, offer to display their logo during the event or set up an information booth for the organization.

These and other ways of finding and recruiting volunteers will help you make sure that your community event becomes a great hit among the locals.

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