How to write your first blog on Knowledge Hub

Ok so you hopefully will have read the two previous blog post (Make #KNOWvember a month to remember and You don’t need to be a ‘writer’ to be a blogger)  if not, it might be worth having a quick look before you commit pen to paper or in this case the digital version of it.

Ok so it’s time to write your first blog post and it’s really scary as it’s a bit like writing an email.  But don’t worry I will guide you through the process.


First you need to know where you can start your blog.

  1. Select your “Name” at the top of the page and select “My profile” from the drop down

  2. Select “Blogs” from the tabs

  3. Select “Add blog entry”  Really scary so far.

You will be presented with a screen like this

Let me explain exactly what you are seeing here

  • Drag & Drop to Upload - Allows you to add a picture header to your blog post.  Pixelbay is a good free resources to use
  • Title - This is where you write the title of your blog post

  • Sub-title - This is where you write the subtitle of your blog (Optional)

  • Content - This is where you write the main content of your post (text formatting, images etc will show when content is added)

  • Tagging - Adding relevant tags to your blog posts makes it easier for your blogs to appear in search results and for them to be pulled into the relevant groups related to your blog post topic.

  • Abstract - When members view your blog posts via your profile they will see an Abstract.  By default this will be the first 400 characters.  You have the ability to create a custom abstract by selecting the “Custom Abstract” radio button.

  • Display date - You can write your blog post and set it to appear at a later date

  • Security Level - You can select who can see your blog post.  The three options are

    • Global - Visible to any logged in user

    • Public - Visible to any logged in and logged out users

    • Network Content  - is only available to network members. You can select to which networks it will be available


Once it is done, just select on the blue "Publish" button and that’s your first blog post done.

Now pat yourself on the back and take a break because you have just started your very first blog on knowledge Hub! Congratulations!


And here is the blue peter moment of here’s one I prepared earlier to tell you all about the knowledge Hub’ #KNOWvember blogging month.


Security level: Public

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