The rise of the tablet device - now owned by over half of UK households

Check out this infographic illustrating the rise of the tablet in the UK since 2010.

Research from Ofcom has shown that in the last five years since the introduction of the Apple iPad in May 2010 the number of tablets in the UK has grown dramatically, now over half of the UK’s households own at least one tablet device and two thirds of those aged between 35 and 54 have a tablet.

The trend looks set to continue with 21% of those without a tablet saying to researchers that they intend to purchase one within the next year. Kate Reeve, director of consumer research at Ofcom, said: “In just five years, tablets have become a must-have device for millions of UK households.”


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Alex Marshall 6 Years Ago
Interesting infographic, great news that LG Inform will be accessable via tables in a couple of weeks.