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The undead walk amongst us. At first only when it got dark  but now day and night. Initially in remote locations now in shopping malls, and city centres. Once the undead shuffled slowly so could easily be out run but not any more. Their decaying bodies and general lack of hygiene make them very unattractive. Their totally lack of personality make them completely uninteresting. Their one desire is to eat flesh, yours,  but lacking intelligence or cunning they make pathetic adversaries. A story line about zombies is therefore limited and predictable, it is inevitably reduced to how many can you kill. So why is the whole zombie apocalypse so popular. 

Is it that it’s we can relate to what it feels like to be battling every day just to survive in the age of the internet and social media?

“ Zombies are like the Internet and the media and every conversation we don’t want to have. All of it comes at us endlessly (and thoughtlessly), and — if we surrender — we will be overtaken and absorbed. Yet this war is manageable, if not necessarily winnable. As long we keep deleting whatever’s directly in front of us, we survive. We live to eliminate the zombies of tomorrow. We are able to remain human, at least for the time being. Our enemy is relentless and colossal, but also uncreative and stupid.”  CHUCK KLOSTERMAN in the New York Times 


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