5 Reasons Online Healthcare Degrees Are Worth Pursuing

The tech industry may be booming, but when it comes to job security, the healthcare industry can’t be beat. If you want job security and reliable, well-paid work, there are lots of options ranging from nursing to hospital administration. You don’t have to be a doctor to find a satisfying career in the industry, and you don’t necessarily have to attend traditional classes to make it happen.


Technology and online education is making it easier and more accessible than ever to get the degree you need to be successful in the industry. Not sure an online program will help you reach your career goals? Here are just a few of the reasons online healthcare degrees are worth pursuing.


1. Healthcare Concerns Are Increasing Across America


Americans are living longer and longer. While this is good news, it also means that the number of health problems is increasing and we’re seeing shortages in the number of healthcare professionals employed in the United States. In some states, nurse practitioners (NPs) are filling in some of the gaps, but the industry continues to grow and demand more workers. In 2016, 150,230 nurse practitioners were working in different areas across the country. As the number of people over the age of 65 increases, however, we are going to need more and more healthcare workers to meet demand. If you’re not interested in studying to be an NP or a doctor, don’t worry—there will be a need for physician’s assistants, radiology techs, and administrators as well.


2. Advanced Healthcare Degrees Can Increase Your Salary


There’s a lot to be said for learning on the job, but in healthcare, you’ll often need a degree to get a job at all, or at least to earn a competitive salary. Many positions have certification requirements to ensure patients’ safety, and these are the kinds of jobs that can increase your salary. Online healthcare degrees can help people make more money while increasing job satisfaction. 


NPs make a median salary of $100,910, physician’s assistants make around $101,480, and nurse anesthetists make a median wage of $160,270. Getting an advanced degree can pay off big in the long run.


3. Education Can Improve Your Knowledge and Skillset


Our world is changing quickly, and in order to stay competitive, you need to have a wide and deep skillset. Things change quickly, and our economy is shifting radically. Getting another degree or certificate can help accelerate your career path, set you apart from others, and prepare you for jobs that may not even exist yet. Online healthcare degrees are a great way to improve your knowledge, since they’re easier to fit into a busy lifestyle than traditional classroom programs.


4. There’s a Need for Healthcare Educators and Leaders


Because of shortages in the healthcare industry, more people than ever are thinking about breaking into this lucrative and crucial field. Because of the current shortage and high demand for healthcare workers, there also aren’t enough educators to prepare the next generation of nurses and healthcare leaders to make a difference in the field.


With about 500,000 baby boomer registered nurses planning to retire by 2022, we need to quickly train new nurses to take their place. By pursuing a healthcare degree, you could eventually be the new educators for the nurses of tomorrow. If you’re a natural teacher, this could be a great way to work in the field while educating others.


5. Healthcare is Booming Market with Endless Job Opportunity


When deciding on your next career move, it only makes sense to choose a field with high salaries and demand. Healthcare is a booming market with endless job opportunity that is only going to grow in the coming years. Now that medical technology has advanced, we have more ability than ever to treat a wide range of conditions.

Unfortunately, incidence of health problems like diabetes and heart disease are on the rise, and paired with an aging population, healthcare spending is going way up. Employment in the industry has been rising almost every year since 2010, and we can expect that trend to continue. It’s never been a better time to consider getting an online health degree.


A Degree That Pays Off

With almost every area of the healthcare industry in need of new employees, online healthcare degrees can pay off very quickly. Whether you’re considering your options after high school, considering a change in careers, or getting back into the workforce after a hiatus, getting into the healthcare field can be one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make.

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