Accelerating Innovation at the Henley Forum

I had the pleasure of attending the latest Henley Forum Event in November where the key theme of the day being Accelerating innovation

3 great sessions during the day allowed us to explore more about innovation, hear about Knowledge Campaigns and take part in a hackathon without coding.

Innovating Together


The day kicked out with Nancy Kinder on how you can enhance ideation and collaboration to innovate.

With everyone is being asked to innovate, build stronger products, faster projects and better service at the same time of transformation, merger, acquisitions, redundancies and data hacks.  What simples tactics can you try to enhance ideation and innovation.

Nancy took us three a nice simple three step process

  • Map it,
  • Measure it and
  • Mobilize it


Map it, Measure it and Mobilize it. Examples of how you can go about them. #henleyforum

— The Henley Forum (@HenleyForum) November 28, 2018


Darryl Wing was next up and shared some practical and innovative solutions that have resulted from the Fluor Knowvember campaigns.

Darryl told us that Knowvember is a thinking month for Flour and it had brought many new initiatives and ideas to the organisation since 2002.  A few great examples of what Fluor are doing including Knowledge Campaigns, Coffee Connections and “Virtual Coffee”, Search Assist and Strategic Knowledge Areas.

The toughest part is keeping Knowvember relevant.

But starting with a key theme and goal, enlisting knowvember champions, active promotion, annual success stories and KM Pacesetter Winners make a big difference


Innovation Hackathon

Everyone normally thinks of a hackathon as coding or for me, it’s ikea hacks.  So I was excited to be part of this.  Lead by Annette Hexelschneider and Chris Collinson we had the tough task of hacking “management buy-in to support knowledge sharing.”

The process for the hack included

  • Who are we.
  • Warm-up & tapping into experience and knowledge.
  • Frame the challenge.
  • Hack resources
  • Ideation.
  • Final hack selection.

A hard challenge, but everyone got involved.

Five different hacks ranging from Trojan Mice, Be squared or be scared and some role play.


5 amazing ideas from the hack. I don’t think I can explain them in the 280 characters. So, here’s the first 3pictures. #henleyforum

— The Henley Forum (@HenleyForum) November 28, 2018


2 more ideas from the hackathon #henleyforum

— The Henley Forum (@HenleyForum) November 28, 2018


A pretty amazing day, I learned lots and got to converse and test out ideas in a safe environment that I can now start to use.


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