Kent's public health-led approach to data sharing has brought integrated care closer

The Kent Long-Term Conditions Year of Care Programme has successfully linked cost and activity data from health and social care services in Kent to produce an anonymised dataset for use in funding, planning and evaluating integrated care services. Patient data from 12 organisations, plus 90 general practitioners, is collected monthly and linked via NHS number to provide a standard set of dashboard reports for commissioners. The dataset also produces average costs for health and social care which will form the basis for capitated budgets in future.

A national report, Population Commissioning for the Future, has been published, establishing the evidence base for the design and development of capitated budgets. An article about the project in the Local Government Chonicleis available to subscribers.


Project Kent Long-Term Conditions Year of Care Programme
Objective To use linked data on all people in the population with multiple long-term conditions to develop a payment system based on the total cost of health and social care services used by a patient
Timescale 2013-16
Cost to authority Funded by NHS England grant
Number of employees working on project Five
Outcomes We can now measure the whole population with multiple long-term conditions, describing the pattern of service use across all health and care services
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Security level: Public

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