New Housing for Health website

This Housing for Health website is intended to provide easily digestible information about housing and some insights into ways in which new health-housing partnerships, might achieve the necessary transformation in health. It was prepared following interviews with General Practitioners, Clinical Commissioners, Practice Managers and other community health professionals.

This resource is for strategic leads in general practice, primary care and clinical commissioning, and provides:

  • information about the housing system and how it is organised
  • insights into roles housing organisations are adopting within local health economies to improve patient care, reduce demand on the NHS and prevent people from needing expensive healthcare – and why they are doing this
  • specific examples of health-housing partnerships that are emerging
  • advice on how to build relationships with local housing partners

It is designed to help you to understand and engage with housing organisations and to develop important partnerships with other organisations operating beyond NHS boundaries as you take steps to create a wider ‘community of care’ in response to the NHS Five Year Forward View.

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