A modern holiday, Facebook, Angry Birds And Google

On holiday with an eight year old and an eighty year old. Wheelchair and booster seat, IPad and I phone,Sat Nav and kindle,Facebook and Angry Birds. You can't push a wheelchair across the sand but a blue badge is very useful in getting parked at busy sea side resorts. An IPad,Google and Trip Adviser helps  with the essential research on where to go and what to do. Is the funfair, wild life park, aquarium wheelchair friendly? Does the restaurant do chicken nuggets? The Sat Nav will get us there despite the inadequate road signs, the mobile phone will take the pictures and Face book will mean we can share our fun with friends even before we have boarded the plane to come home. And if we are missing them that much or just want to show off the swimming pool we can Face Time them. The long flight and the absence of English TV in the villa is no problem we have down loaded  ten
books on to the Kindle and moved up several levels of Angry Birds.  There are no English papers but there is always Twitter and my Guardian app for keeping in touch with both the trivia and world events and of course the football scores as they happen. As long as we can find enough chargers everything will be fine. There was admittedly a little mild hysteria when  we arrived in the early hours and the Internet password didn't work! Turned out that that it was just a case of getting tired brains to sort out higher and lower case. 
It's hot and sunny and these new kindle screens are so good you can read them in the bright sun light. Why can't they make the IPod screens the same way it such a nuisance having to go into the shade to check Facebook. Not that I spend all my time staring at a screen after all I am not at work! I have hardly sent any emails. In an case to date I haven't seen a water proof I Pad but I did see a man swim from one of those paddle boards with one arm in the air holding his mobile phone. 
On the plane back we here of one families holiday hell apparently the only place they could get a WiFi connection was standing in the bath and leaning out the window. What a nightmare.
Blair Mcpherson www.blairmcpherson.co.uk 

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