This is not a holiday romance

It's been two weeks now and you have never left my side. Before we came on holiday I had seen you around,friends were talking about you but to be honest I wasn't that interested even when they said how smart and attractive you were. Part of me thought may be I was a bit old for you. It was on holiday I really got to know you. You were with someone else. At first I didn't think you were any different to the rest. I am not completely new to this, there have been others but I never got emotionally attached. It's funny how quickly I have come to rely on you. By the way you take really good holiday photos, shame you're never in them. I'm not sure what I am going to tell people when we get back home, may be my family and friends won't be that surprised when I bring you home and show you off. On the flight back I couldn't keep my hands off you, it was a bit embarrassing when the air hostess told me to "put it away now". I had a panic in customs when I thought I had lost you, it was so crowed and everyone was grabbing those trays with their belongings in and my tray didn't come through the x Ray machine. I was pretty upset when the customs officer started to put his big fat greasy hands all over your body. And when he said he liked it all I could think off to say was I liked it too. I defiantly think you're a keeper. Well at least until the next model comes along. 

Blair McPherson

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