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Welcome to our corner on Knowledge Hub, where we will be sharing updates and information about the Cornwall TCA project; more than that, we will be sharing our opinions and the challenges we're facing and asking for your help and feedback.

For those of you who have been involved in the project from an early stage, it may have seemed a frustratingly long time to get to a point where we can say we are truly up and running. Personally, I am pleased that the 'paperwork' is largely out of the way and that the team is now fully in place and eager to crack on with the tasks we've set ourselves.

For those coming fresh to the project, I won't repeat our purpose in this blog, but suggest you start by looking at our 'plan on a page'. The library has more detailed background information if you would like it, including the project plan and original bid to the DCLG Transformation Challenge Award.

Simply put, we're trying to create a transformation in the way the VCSE sector, the Council and hopefully other commissioners work together to support people better. Robert Woolf has a really interesting perspective on what he thinks we should be striving for in his blog, 'Bird not butterfly'.

We've chosen to use Knowledge Hub as it will help us reach people across Cornwall, and others around the country who are asking similar questions to us. It also provides tools that we can use to open up the debate as widely as possible and is one way we can try to live up to our principles of co-design and co-production. To find out what we mean by this, take a look at Mark Richardson's forum post, 'Co-production, so what?'.

First and foremost, we are working to deliver the vision set by Cornwall Council and NHS Kernow. They talk about creating a 'prosperous Cornwall that is resilient and resourceful', and a future 'where more people are supported to live the lives they want'. Our project is required to make savings in the short-term by working smarter, particularly in the way we commission services, but only through transformation can we hope to make lasting improvements in the long-term.

Thanks to everyone who has been involved so far - we have over 50 people getting stuck in and a busy few months ahead. We'll share our initial findings with you soon and welcome your input. Please get in touch on tca@cornwall.gov.uk with any queries, to get involved, or to sign up for our e-newsletter.

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